DEDICAM Product Catalog

33 DEDICAM Product Catalog 2019 DEDICAM gingiva formers for rotation-locked CAMLOG, CONELOG or iSy titanium bases CAD/CAM, crown, iSy implant base or BioHorizons Internal hybrid titanium base with hexagon consist of tooth-colored PMMA plastic. The custom-made gingiva former is designed with the original DEDICAM CAD library. This is executed in the suitable CAD software and the corresponding abutment module. The anatomical shape of the gingiva formers allows the designing of a natural emergence profile and gives an esthetic overall result. The soft tissue is prepared perfectly for subsequent restoration. The custom-made abutment is bonded extraorally to the titanium base. The occlusal screw channel is sealed after integration. To optimize the emergence profile, gingiva formers for titanium bases are easily modified by applying suitable composite or grinding. Customized gingiva formers for titanium bases can be designed without a model. To do this, the implant position is recorded with an intraoral scanner and a scanbody. The scanning data are loaded into suitable CAD software to design the gingiva formers there. IMPLANT PROSTHETICS Gingiva formers for titanium bases for CAMLOG and BioHorizons implant systems Material Telio CAD (PMMA) Notes Wearing period maximum 12 months. Gingiva formers for other manufacturers' titanium bases can also be supplied (see page 39). The titanium base selected in the CAD library or in the ordering portal is included and charged separately. LT A1 LT A2 LT A3 LT A3.5 LT B1 LT BL3 LT = low translucency BL = Bleach Gingiva formers for rotation-locked titanium bases Titanium bases are included and charged separately CAMLOG implant system Ø: 3.3 mm 3.8 mm 4.3 mm 5.0 mm 6.0 mm CONELOG implant system Ø: 3.3 mm 3.8 mm 4.3 mm 5.0 mm iSy prosthetic platform Ø: | 4.5 mm | 5.2 mm | BioHorizons prosthetic platform Ø: 3.0 mm 3.5 mm 4.5 mm 5.7 mm Also available for iSy Implant bases Material: Telio CAD (PMMA)