DEDICAM Product Catalog

41 DEDICAM Product Catalog 2019 IMPLANT PROSTHETICS Bridges for titanium bases for CAMLOG and BioHorizons implant systems DEDICAM bridges for rotation-locked CAMLOG, CONELOG or iSy titanium bases CAD/CAM, bridges or BioHorizons Internal hybrid titanium bases without hexagon are available in two tooth-colored materials and also in CoCr and titanium alloys. The anatomically reduced or anatomical suprastructure is designed using the original DEDICAM CAD library. This is executed using suitable CAD software and the corresponding module. Implant axis divergences of up to 30° to each other can be compensated. The anatomical shape of the bridge abutments on the titanium bases allows a natural emergence profile and an overall esthetic result. This lends optimal support to the soft tissue. The bridge is bonded extraorally to the model on the non-rotation-locked titanium bases. Here, attention should be paid to a common insertion direction of the bridge to the titanium bases. The occlusal screw channel is sealed after integration. Bridges for titanium bases are particularly suited if the screw channel is located occlusally or palatal/lingual. The removal of subgingival cement residues is unnecessary. The bridges are available from 2 (6 for the iSy implant system) to 16 units. The span width of the bridge can be up to 30 mm. Appropriate connection cross sections are to be taken into consideration. Non-rotationlocked CAMLOG, CONELOG or iSy titanium bases CAD/CAM, bridge or BioHorizons Internal hybrid titanium bases, without hexagon, can be combined in one bridge. The indication restrictions of the titanium bases, particularly for the iSy implant system, must be taken into account. The bridges can be reduced anatomically and veneered with suitable ceramics or veneering plastics prior to bonding on the titanium bases. Anatomical bridges or bridges that have been anatomically reduced and anatomically designed in combination are also available. A variety of attachments is available for bridges made of titanium or CoCr alloy (see page 88). An advantage for bridges made of CoCr or titanium alloy on titanium bases CAD/CAM, bridge versus directly screw-retained bridges: the implant interface does not need to be cleaned of dark oxides by blasting. Bridges for non-rotation-locked titanium bases Titanium bases are included and charged separately, attachments are charged separately CAMLOG implant system Ø: 3.3 mm 3.8 mm 4.3 mm 5.0 mm 6.0 mm CONELOG implant system Ø: 3.3 mm 3.8 mm 4.3 mm 5.0 mm iSy implant system Ø: | 3.8 mm | 4.4 mm | 5.0 mm | BioHorizons prosthetic platform Ø: 3.0 mm 3.5 mm 4.5 mm 5.7 mm Material: titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) Precision milled surface Material Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) CoCr alloy IPS e.max ZirCAD Telio CAD Note The titanium bases selected in the CAD library or in the ordering portal are included and charged separately.