DEDICAM Product Catalog

DEDICAM Product Catalog 2019 52 The most common CAD software programs allow the designing of abutments and frameworks or anatomical crowns in a single work step, the so-called »File Splitting«. This results in an economical advantage for implant-supported restorations of single units. Use of the original DEDICAM CAD library allows a precise fit of the single crown framework or crown to the abutment. 3Shape users who utilize this library and shipment via the Inbox™, can also use the options of file splitting. To obtain optimum results with file splitting, the emergence profile is to be prepared prior to scanning the model. For mesostructures for titanium bases, the emergence profile must be at least 1.5 mm in height so that the cervical shoulder is constructed true to design. If the height is less, then an exact marginal fit between the abutment and the framework/crown cannot be guaranteed. The minimum height of the emergence profile is not limited for one-piece abutments. The mesostructure for the titanium base is designed with a emergence profile of at least 0.8 mm. Correct preparation of the cervical shoulder is important, as reworking generally requires a newly-made framework. Thus the ceramic frameworks and crowns have the required minimum wall thickness. DEDICAM File-splitting – abutment and framework / crown Material Titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) CoCr alloy IPS e.max ZirCAD IPS e.max CAD Telio CAD Notes Reworking of abutments is not possible as the fit of the framework / crown is then no longer guaranteed. File-splitting for double crowns or from a wax-up design is not possible. • IPS e.max CAD LT/HT • IPS e.max ZirCAD LT/MT/MT Multi • Telio CAD, anatomical • IPS e.max CAD • Telio CAD, anatomical • IPS e.max CAD MO • IPS e.max ZirCAD MO/LT • IPS e.max ZirCAD for CERALOG • IPS e.max ZirCAD MO/LT • IPS e.max CAD MO