DEDICAM Product Catalog

81 DEDICAM Product Catalog 2019 DEDICAM inlays, onlays and partial crowns are supplied in the tried and tested materials IPS Empress CAD and IPS e.max CAD. Two grades of translucency are offered in each case for perfect esthetic results. Polychromatic multi-blocks are also available for the IPS Empress CAD material. This enables a harmonious color gradient. To obtain perfect results for tooth-supported restorations, the general and material-specific preparation guidelines are to be observed: • Remove sufficient tooth substance • Block out undercut cavities • Chamfer preparations • Avoid sharp transitions • Observe material-specific transitions It is recommended to use the settings given in the "Parameter overview for CAD software" or the DEDICAM material libraries. PROSTHETICS (anatomical) Inlays, onlays and partial crowns Material IPS Empress CAD IPS e.max CAD Inlays, onlays and partial crowns Material: IPS Empress CAD LT/HT (leucite-reinforced glass ceramic, monochromatic) Material: IPS Empress CAD ML (leucite-reinforced glass ceramic, polychromatic) LT A1 LT BL1 LT A2 LT BL2 LT A3 LT BL3 LT BL4 LT A3.5 LT B1 LT B2 LT B3 LT C2 LT D3 HT A3.5 HT A1 HT A2 HT A3 HT B1 HT B2 HT B3 HT C2 HT D3 ML A1 ML B1 ML A2 ML A3 ML A3.5 ML BL3 ML BL1 ML = with color gradient BL = Bleach HT = high translucency LT = low translucency BL = Bleach HT = high translucency, LT = low translucency, BL = bleach Inlays, onlays and partial crowns supplied in metasilicate phase »blue crown«, crystallization firing required Material: IPS e.max CAD (lithium disilicate glass ceramic) LT A1 LT BL1 LT A2 LT BL2 LT A3 LT BL3 LT A3.5 LT BL4 LT A4 LT B1 LT B2 LT B3 LT B4 LT C1 LT C2 LT C3 LT C4 LT D2 LT D3 LT D4 HT A1 HT B2 HT A2 HT B3 HT A3 HT B4 HT A3.5 HT B1 HT A4 HT C3 HT C4 HT D2 HT C1 HT D3 HT C2 HT D4 HT BL1 HT BL2 HT BL3 HT BL4