Accurate guiding of instruments and implants Easy and convenient to use Single-use products – direct application of surgical instruments Compatible with several planning systems GUIDE SYSTEM TEMPLATE-GUIDED IMPLANTATION

ALL ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE • S traightforward well-arranged system due to small number of required parts • H igh precision level due to well matched products – “all from a single source” • C olor-coded single-use drills, gingiva punches, insertion posts and guide sleeves • C onvenient to use, as additional sleeves and depth stops are not required • C hoice between several planning systems • C onsistent implementation of all advantages of software-based 3D implant planning • A ccuratepreparationof temporary restoration and its immediate integration • N o investment in additional instrument trays necessary • O ptimal edge holding and hygiene of the cutting instruments due to sterility and single use • W hen opting for laboratory fabrication of the drill template, value creation remains with the dental laboratory Guide System GUIDE SYSTEM – OPTIMALLY MATCHED COMPONENTS The components of the Guide System serve the template-guided preparation of the implant bed and insertion of CAMLOG® SREW-LINE and CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants, Promote® plus, in a partially or fully edentulous maxilla and mandible. THE GUIDE SYSTEM COMPRISES: • Laboratory instruments for fabricating a drill template and a pre-operative interim prosthesis on a master model • Surgical instruments for template-guided bone or tooth-supported implant bed preparation and implant insertion • Guide System CAMLOG® SCREW-LINE implants, Promote® plus, with the following dimensions [ mm ]: Length Ø 3.3 Ø 3.8 Ø 4.3 9 –   11    13    16    • G uide System CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants, Promote® plus, with the following dimensions [ mm ]: Length Ø 3.3 Ø 3.8 Ø 4.3 7 –   9    11    13    16    MORE INFORMATION AND THE GUIDE SYSTEM VIDEO AT: GUIDE SYSTEM – SAFE IMPLANTATION AND IMMEDIATE TEMPORARY RESTORATION Setting tool for exact integration of the guide sleeve into the drill template Insertion post, color-coded Template drill to prepare guide sleeve drill holes Driver with hexagon for manual implant insertion Guide sleeve, color-coded Guide System CAMLOG® and CONELOG® SCREW-LINE implants, Promote® plus, including pre-mounted insertion posts with guiding shaft and depth stop for precise insertion to planned placement depth Driver with ISO shaft for mechanical implant insertion Checkup pin for checking correct alignment of the guide sleeves in the template

All surgical drills are fitted with circumferential color coding on the shaft and laser markings with length and diameter to ensure fast and clear assignment. Guide System PRECISION WITH 3D PLANNING – SAFETY FOR PATIENTS AND USERS 3D planning with an implant planning software and implementation with the Guide System offers the user simple, predictable and safe implant bed preparation. While planning the precise implant positioning, all physiological structures can be considered. DRILL TEMPLATE WITH DEPTH STOP The Guide System Guiding sleeves can be integra- ted in the drilling templates which are fabricated via conventional techniques in the laboratory or with the aid of computer-guided methods such as CNC milling, stereo lithography or 3D printing. In the case of computer-guided methods, the laboratory instruments are not required for the fabrication and checking of the template. After completion, the drill template serves to: • p osition lab analogs during preoperative fabrication of the model and the temporary restoration • g uiding surgical instruments of the Guide System during implant bed preparation • g uiding the Guide System SCREW-LINE implants during insertion. TEMPORARY RESTORATION OPTION IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING IMPLANTATION Due to the precise 3D planning option of the implant positions, the temporary restoration can already be fabricated prior to actual surgery with the aid of the drilling template and the Guide System insertion posts for laboratory analogs. This means that the patient can be restored temporarily immediately after surgery. * Lekholm & Zarb, 1985 Pilot drills for optional use in lateral bone condensation or to ensure correct alignment of the drilling axis under difficult anatomical circumstances Guided gingiva punch for transgingival minimal invasive preparation of the soft tissue Pre and form drills for reliable guidance – even at greater drilling depths – through stepwise preparation of the implant bed to the planned placement depth Form Drill Cortical Bone, for optional use in bone classes 1 and 2*

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