CAMLOG® Product catalog

Prosthetics CAMLOG® Product catalog 2020 | 65 Article Art. No. CAMLOG® Modeling aids for CAMLOG® Titanium bases CAD/CAM burn-out, for fabricating mesostructures and crowns Material POM J2244.3302 3.3 mm J2244.3802 3.8 mm J2244.4302 4.3 mm J2244.5002 5.0 mm J2244.6002 6.0 mm CAMLOG® Scanbodies** for optical, 3-dimensional localization of CAMLOG® Implants in the mouth or CAMLOG® Lab analogs in the working model, incl. abutment screw, sterile Not compatible with the CEREC and inLab systems from Sirona® Material PEEK K2610.3310 3.3 mm K2610.3810* 3.8 mm K2610.4310* 4.3 mm K2610.6010* 5.0 mm 6.0 mm CAMLOG® ScanPosts for Sirona® Scanbody for digital recording of the CAMLOG® Implant or lab analog position and for further processing in the Sirona® CEREC and inLab systems, incl. abutment screw Material Titanium alloy K2620.3306 3.3 mm K2620.3806* 3.8 mm K2620.4306* 4.3 mm K2620.5006* 5.0 mm K2620.6006* 6.0 mm ** Please check whether the CAMLOG® Scanbody is available in the CAD software used. CAD libraries for selected CAMLOG® Prosthetic components are available for free download at: Matching Sirona® Scanbodies size S for CAMLOG® ScanPosts and CAMLOG® Titanium base CAD/CAM crown with Ø 3.3/3.8/4.3 mm: For Omnicam®: Article number 6431311 For Bluecam®: Article number 6431295 Matching Sirona® Scanbodies size L for CAMLOG® ScanPosts and CAMLOG® Titanium base CAD/CAM crown with Ø 5.0/6.0 mm: For Omnicam®: Article number 6431329 For Bluecam®: Article number 6431303 Sirona® Scanbodies are available from Dentsply Sirona®. * can also be used for Platform Switching 10 mm 10.2 mm 11 mm