CONELOG® Product catalog

58 | CONELOG® Product catalog 2020 Article Art. No. CONELOG® Impression posts, open tray incl. fixing screw (The fixing screw can be shortened extra-oral by 3 mm with a screwdriver, hex) Material Titanium alloy C2121.3300 3.3 mm C2121.3800 3.8 mm C2121.4300 4.3 mm C2121.5000 5.0 mm CONELOG® Impression posts, closed tray incl. impression cap, bite registration cap and f ixing screw Material Titanium alloy/POM C2110.3300 3.3 mm C2110.3800 3.8 mm C2110.4300 4.3 mm C2110.5000 5.0 mm Impression caps for impression post, closed tray (5 units) Material POM J2111.3300 3.3 mm J2111.3800 3.8 mm J2111.4300 4.3 mm J2111.5000 5.0 mm 10 mm 3 mm 10.7 mm Impression taking