CONELOG® Product catalog

Prosthetics CONELOG ® Product catalog 2020 | 65 Article Art. No. Dimension CONELOG ® Universal abutments preparable, incl. abutment screw Material Titanium alloy C2211.3300 3.3 mm* - C2211.3800 3.8 mm C2211.4300 4.3 mm C2211.5000 5.0 mm 11 mm Article Art. No. Noble metal weight CONELOG ® Gold-plastic abutment cast-on, incl. abutment screw Material Cast-on gold alloy/POM C2246.3300 3.3 mm* ca. 0.31 g C2246.3800 3.8 mm ca. 0.36 g C2246.4300 4.3 mm ca. 0.36 g C2246.5000 5.0 mm ca. 0.55 g 11.7 mm * only for crown restorations in the region of the upper lateral and lower lateral and central incisors (Ø 3.3 mm not for double crown restorations) Universal abutments Cemented crown and bridge restorations Gold-plastic abutment Cemented crown and bridge restorations