iSy Brochure 2021

Incision was designed such that dense soft tissue adaptation around the transmucosal implant structures is facilitated. 1 After exposure of the jaw bone, this was followed by the preparation of the implant bed using the reduced iSy® drilling protocol and insertion of the iSy® Implant. 2 This specific incision allowes a tight and tension-free closure of the soft tissue around the transmucosal iSy® implant base. 3 After closure of the soft tissue, the multifunctional cap was shortened to corresponding to the occlusion, and mounted on the implant base. 4 The deep-drawn splint was placed over the row of teeth to check the space available for the temporary plastic and occlusal distance. 5 The multifunctional cap was conditioned, plastic applied to the splint and the subgingival emergence profile filled extraorally following the polymerization period. 6 The temporary restoration was finished and clicked onto the implant base and the occlusal contacts were removed. After one week, the sutures were removed. 7 Case report: Dr Steffen Kistler, Landsberg am Lech Imagine providing a restoration in a single day. 15 This is iSy®