iSy Brochure 2021

A lean portfolio, a solid performance: iSy® products at a glance iSy® Implants All-in-set of 1 Set contents: Quantity Product 1 iSy® Implant Promote® plus with pre-mounted implant base 1 Single patient form drill 1 Cover cap 1 Gingiva former 2 Multifunctional caps Diameter Length 7.3 mm Length 9 mm Length 11 mm Length 13 mm Ø 3.8 mm P1110.3807 P1110.3809 P1110.3811 P1110.3813 Ø 4.4 mm P1110.4407 P1110.4409 P1110.4411 P1110.4413 Ø 5.0 mm P1110.5007 P1110.5009 P1110.5011 P1110.5013