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logo 19 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • December 2018 7 Fig. 4: The panoramic tomographic image confirms the inadequate restoration of both jaws. Fig. 5: The lateral window was opened using piezo surgery. Fig. 7: The Schneider´s membrane was prepared cranially and the medial wall was exposed. Fig. 9: The sinus was filled with porcine bone substitute material MinerOss XP (BioHorizons). Fig 8: To protect Schneider´s membrane, a Mem-Lok membrane (BioHorizons) was inserted into the sinus. CASE STUDY Fig 11: The CAMLOG SCREW-LINE Implants (Ø 4.3 mm D/ L11 mm) were placed simultaneously. Fig. 12: Two LODI implants (Ø 2.9 mm/L 10 mm) were used to anchor the temporary restoration in a stable position. Fig. 10: The bone cover was repositioned exactly over the window. Fig. 13: Insertion of the LODI implant. Fig. 14: Existing bone deficits in region 13 were reconstructed by lateral augmentation with porcine bone substitute material. Fig. 6 : The prepared bone cover was stored in saline solution for later use. Fig. 15: The augmented region was initially covered with a Mem-Lok membrane.