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logo 50 | the Camlog Partner Magazine Editorial | 5 Human resources strategy - the most important responsibility in 2023 Recent years proved to be difficult times for the dental industry. The Corona virus turned the world upside down. 2020 and 2021 were dominated by uncertainty, outside influences and changing framework conditions. There was no textbook, no empirical data, no blueprint for that. Quick responses and communication were needed, along with leadership, to provide the team with guidance. But it also provided opportunities to differentiate, to change and to take on responsibility. Companies with a good team and operating in a market which recovered quickly (such as the dental market) were able to experience strong growth, particularly from 2021 onwards, and felt positive about 2022. In February 2022, the world order changed with the Ukraine conflict causing instability across all sectors. The tense supply of energy, inflation and aggravated personnel situation added challenges for the industry. Instability seems to be the new normal, and something we have to deal with. There are no short-term solutions for this situation, however, there are empirical values from business management. Longterm strategies are required, in particular agile human resource management. All companies in the dental market need to take their responsibility for human resource management seriously. Too many qualified workers have migrated to other sectors and are now lacking. Not only do we wish to provide our customers with excellent products and constantly improve their safe use, we also wish to support entrepreneurial development at all stages. The cooperation with OPTI health consulting GmbH has expanded our range of business management training and services for the practice. You are more than welcome to contact us. In the Camlog Business Club, the experts from Camlog and OPTI pass on their know-how in the field of personnel management, analyze personnel development, identify personnel strategies and discuss practical approaches to implementation. Human resources strategies also include the continuous analysis and targeted improvement of employee satisfaction. Our expert Andrea Stix will be sharing valuable tips with you in this issue of logo. Professional further education in implant dentistry remains an integral aspect of Camlog's work. We had the opportunity to showcase this through the combined Oral Reconstruction Foundation International Symposium and our Dental Technology Congress in Munich. With the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium in Rome, we are looking forward to adding yet another highlight. A roadshow will be making stops in 13 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where renowned experts will share many positive lessons learned from the use of human bone substitute materials. The most likely largest dental congress in Germany in 2023 will be the EAO Congress in Berlin at the end of September. As one of the main sponsors, we will be present there with an international team. As managing directors of Camlog, Martin Lugert and myself are convinced that we differentiate ourselves through our employees and their competencies. We have aligned our human resources strategy accordingly. Our aspiration is and remains: WE ARE IMPLANT DENTISTRY! Take on the challenges of 2023, as we do too! Sincerely Markus Stammen Managing Director REGISTER NOW Oral Reconstruction Foundation Margarethenstrasse 38 | 4053 Basel | Switzerland Information and Registration: QUO VADIS IMPLANT DENTISTRY? • What are today‘s standards? • What are the treatment methods of the future? • What are the state-of-the-art digital approaches? Latest tissue regeneration therapies | Interactive sessions | Leading-edge hands-on workshops | Young researchers in the spotlight | Science Slam & Poster Session | Dolce Vita Night ORAL RECONSTRUCTION GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM 18 - 20 MAY 2023 | ROME, ITALY Founding Sponsors: Dear readers