iSy Brochure 2021

Surgical and prosthetic instruments Description Art. No. iSy® Hex screwdriver, extra short, manual/ wrench, length 14.5 mm P5317.0538 iSy® Hex screwdriver, short, manual/wrench, length 22.5 mm P5317.0540 iSy® Hex screwdriver, long, manual/wrench, length 30.3 mm P5317.0542 iSy® Hex screwdriver, short, ISO shaft, length 18 mm P5317.0550 iSy® Hex screwdriver, long, ISO shaft, length 26 mm P5317.0552 iSy® Abutment disconnector, extra short, for abutments and implant base, length 23 mm P5300.6308 iSy® Abutment disconnector, short, for abutments and implant base, length 28 mm P5300.6310 iSy® Abutment disconnector, long, for abutments and implant base, length 35 mm P5300.6312 Driver for Locator® Abutment, manual/ratchet J2253.0001 Locator® Instrument, 3-part J2253.0002 Locator® Angle measurement guide J2253.0003 Locator® Parallel post (4 units) J2253.0004 iSy® Gingiva height indicator, straight, titanium alloy P3550.2200 27 This is iSy®