iSy Brochure 2021

Auxiliary articles for surgery Description Art. No. iSy® Implant base, incl. iSy® Abutment screw and gingiva former, sterile P2900.0002 iSy® Cover cap (PEEK), sterile (3 units) P2015.0006 iSy® Gingiva former (PEEK), cylindrical, for implant base, sterile (3 units) P2015.4036 iSy® Cover screw, sterile (3 units) P2019.0001 iSy® Abutment screw, sterile P4005.1614 Scanning and impression-taking Description Art. No. iSy® Multifunctional cap (PEEK), sterile (3 units) P2130.4004 iSy® Scanbody on implant level (PEEK), incl. iSy® Abutment screw, sterile P2600.0001 iSy® ScanPost for Sirona, incl. iSy® Abutment screw P2620.0006 iSy® Scan adapter for Sirona P2620.0007 iSy® Handle for iSy® Scan adapter P2620.1000 iSy® Impression post, open tray, size S, Ø 5.4 mm, incl. fixing screw P2121.3800