Partner Magazine logo 18 – July 2018

logo 18 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • July 2018 ABOUT CAMLOG 33 in the full digital workflow. Based on the DVT and DICOM data sent in, the guide specialists plan the implant positions in consultation with the customer. On request, the Service Center can produce printed surgical templates for guided surgery for all implant systems. The prosthetic solutions are offered in various materials. The individual CAD/ CAM full zirconium abutments for the two-piece CERALOG® Ceramic implant are in increasing demand. In general terms, how high is the demand for ceramic implants in Austria? The market segment of ceramic implants is still very small. This use of the implants is still being discussed with great controversy in the country. However, due to the high esthetic demands and the increasing number of patients diagnosed with metal intolerances, demand will grow. CERALOG is a well-founded system. The first clinical studies with the onepiece monobloc in its current material composition started as early as 2007. The high-tech "ceramic injection molding" manufacturing process also convinces many users. The pure implant surface is the benefit for patients with intolerances. The two-piece CERALOG® Hexalobe has been in clinical use since 2013. The accumulated experience and successes give both the user and the patient security. We are more than satisfied with the development of CERALOG® Implants and their market acceptance. You also market the BioHorizons biomaterials in Austria. How is this segment developing? In the USA, bone graft substitutes from the MinerOss® family and the Mem-Lok® membranes from BioHorizons are very well established. They are used by very renowned users and have proven themselves in the reconstruction of many bone defects in various indications. In internal and external training courses, we have constantly expanded our knowledge of the biological processes of bone regeneration. We are backed up by a CAMLOG team of specialists who support us and are available to give competent answers to any questions we may have. It is important for us that our customers in the interdisciplinary field of implant dentistry can obtain products from a single source and receive good professional advice. Mr. Jirku, your customers benefit from the close cooperation with CAMLOG. Do you also offer crossborder courses? We offer our clients both national and international courses. They can participate in all CAMLOG events in Germany and Switzerland. The 2018 advanced training program offers a wide range of courses, lectures, specials and events for beginners, advanced users and specialists in the fields of oral implant dentistry and implant prosthetics. The entrepreneurs' seminars for dentists, which are offered in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, the Swiss Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, are something very special. The change of generations, i.e. the topic of handover and takeover, is discussed in detail in this series of seminars, as are management skills and the management of a company called Dental Practice as well as the appropriate practice concepts. Where do you see yourself in the future? In the future, the implant industrywill focus on sustainability and coordinated service concepts in particular. Together with CAMLOG, we will continue to proactively shape this path of interdisciplinary dentistry. We are embedded in a network, measure our own success, think ahead, promote innovation and are open to new ideas. Our objective is to gain further market shares for Alltec Dental/CAMLOG. In order to be able to implement the CAMLOG success model worldwide, the seamless transfer of know-how is crucial and targeted product development is indispensable. Our team will continue to work hard to prove the trust placed in us. At this point we would both like to thank the many colleagues who have helped us to be successful and who appear in the limelight far too rarely. Thank you very much. You're doing an excellent job! Thank you for speaking to us.