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logo 19 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • December 2018 Dr. Eleftherios Grizas Dr. med. dent. Eleftherios Grizas has been practicing as a dentist and oral surgeon at MKG Hochrhein in Dogern near Waldshut since 2013. His clinical specialties include the complex complete implant-based rehabilitation, peri-implant soft tissue management as well as implant prosthetics. After his studies at the University of Athens in Greece, he received his doctorate in 2010 under Prof. Dr. Lauer at the Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics at the University Hospital Frankfurt. He completed his 3-year specialist training as an oral surgeon in 2013 at the Polyclinic for Dental Surgery and Implantology under Prof. Dr. Nentwig at the same dental faculty. Between 2013 and 2015, he worked as a tutor for Dr. Weigl in the Department of Postgraduate Education as part of the Master of Science (MSc.) in Oral Implantology. Contact details Dr. med. dent. Eleftherios Grizas Specialist in oral surgery MKG Hochrhein Hauptstraße 25, 79804 Dogern AUTHOR Fig. 35: The galvanic caps were silanized for bonding in the mouth. Fig. 36: The prefabricated tertiary framework was prepared for intraoral bonding. Bite registration was determined on a precisely fitting tertiary framework. Fig. 40: Incorporation, functional testing and checking of the hygienic capability proceeded smoothly and quickly due to the intraoral bonding. 11 Fig. 34: The galvanic caps were attached to the abutments. Fig. 41: The lateral view shows the individuality of the telescope restoration. Fig 43: The bone substitute material is consolidated very well. Figs. 44 and 45: In the lower jaw too, the peri-implant bony conditions are irritation-free after insertion of the definitive restoration. Fig. 42: The radiological condition in the upper jaw after insertion of the final dental prosthesis.