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logo 19 • CAMLOG Partner Magazine • December 2018 The iSy Implant System clearly demonstrates its advantages in transgingival healing, which experts believe is almost always possible, even in the case of smaller augmentations up to internal sinus lifts. The drilling protocol is a protocol for everyone, presupposing implant experience. Dr. Andreas Kraus, Peiting, was highly impressed by the snap-on scan adapter. He too, sees the advantage in that the implant base remains on the implant from insertion up to restoration. “No multiple changes of abutments, you place the scan body on the adapter, snap the adapter onto the implant base, scan, and that’s it. This perfect prosthetic workflow makes treatment much faster and easier.” This is highly appreciated by his patients. Transgingival healing significantly shortens surgical effort. But even more important is the fact that the iSy system makes prosthetic restoration clearer, more standardized and simpler. Because this streamlines the workflow, not only during the procedure, but also afterwards – and for almost all indications, from single-tooth restorations via locators to more complex tasks. Dr. Maximilian Blume, Mainz, was introduced to iSy at the University of Frankfurt and also integrated it into his practice concept. He places iSy on a par with other systems in terms of indication spectrum. As a true fan of locator restorations, “iSy with its aggressive thread is perfectly suited for this”. Conclusion of the experts The range of indications, however, is not increased with leaner, streamlined implant concepts, but it can reach significantly more patients. iSy is a modern implant system for the digital world with scientifically confirmed biological principles, “a next-generation implant”, the round of experts concurred. If you are interested, you can obtain the special issue of the focus publication of the Deutscher Ärzteverlag from your CAMLOG customer service upon request. 27 NEWS “The workflow makes treatment faster and easier.” Dr. Andreas Kraus “The range of indications can be extended and adapted to every other system.” Dr. Maximilian Blume Moderator Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Robert Sader Dr. Maximilian Blume Prof.Dr. Dr. Dr.   Robert Sader Dr. Conrad Kühnöl Dr Jan Klenke Dr. Andreas Kraus