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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine 14 | Case study 7. The SMOP template was designed by DEDICAM in consultation with the clinician. The skeletonized SMOP drilling template offers several advantages when compared to other templates. For one, the fit is achieved by punctiform support at selected points. They can be positioned such to allow flap preparations. Another advantage is the good view of the surgical site. 8. To increase the size of the loading polygon, the two terminal implants were inserted at a 30° angle. No difference is observed between orthograde or obliquely placed implants both in terms of survival rates or bone loss (BDIZ-EDI Consensus Conference 2016) [2]. 9. The implant sites are prepared according to the Guide System protocol for SCREW-LINE implants (13 mm L / Ø 3.8 mm). The correct alignment of the implant's inner configuration is extremely important for the insertion of the angled COMFOUR bar abutments. To do this, the markings on the guide sleeves must correspond with those on the insertion instruments. 10. The COMFOUR bar abutments are inserted with the aid of the flexible plastic handle. The handle is fixed in the thread of the prosthetic screw and holds the pre-mounted abutment screw in the bar abutment in place. The handle can easily be bent sideways to tighten the screw. 11. Before the titanium caps are bonded into the temporary bridge, a check is made to ensure a tension-free fit. Sometimes it is necessary to widen the channels to be able to bond the titanium caps intraorally without stress and tension. First, the titanium caps are blasted with 70 µm zirconia to achieve a better adhesive bond with the plastic. 12. They are then inserted into the bridge, which is placed above the bar abutments. Only then are the titanium caps screw-retained to the abutments and bonded to the bridge with light-curing plastic. Shortening of the titanium caps is performed extraorally, as is the finishing of the bonding sites. The uniform polygonal load is checked and ground if necessary.