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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine 30 | Products Screw head for hexagonal insertion tool Beveled mounting neck Thread for easy removal Barb to secure the position of the pin Barbed tip for piercing without pre-drilling truTACK Head Ø 2.5 mm (available in different lengths) This allows the restoration of the alveolar ridge profile with the aid of osteosynthesis screws, tenting screws as well as pins. By stabilizing the bone blocks and membranes, sufficient space is created for the inserted regenerate to allow rapid penetration by blood vessels and to contain soft tissue pressure. The truFIX system is a user-friendly complete set for dental practice, which makes the use of further systems and components unnecessary. truTACK, truSCREW and truTENT The truTACK makes the stabilization of membranes quick and trouble-free. The unique pin incorporates a hexagon on its head and threads on its shaft, allowing for easy removal. The truTACK is inserted like a pin and removed like a screw - a unique feature. The truSCREW, with its self-tapping thread, is the ideal bone screw for the fixation of small bone blocks within the oral and maxillofacial environment. This thread eliminates the need for any pre-drilling (in most instances). The patented design of the screw enables effortless insertion into all types of bone. The truTENT is a supplement to the truSCREW. Its extended shaft and wider head was developed to support a membrane or titanium mesh during augmentation procedures. Even smaller, multi-wall defects can also be successfully regenerated with the aid of the tent screws, as they further expand the space and reduce soft tissue pressure by holding back the gingiva over a larger area. Titanium Meshes If, for example, augmentation covers more than two tooth widths and also features an increasing vertical component, then titanium meshes are increasingly attracting attention in therapy in addition to the veneer technique. These are available from Camlog BioHorizons in different sizes and shapes to match the truTENT screws. » Bone blocks or bone substitute materials which are fixed in a stable position with screws or pins are often used for the reconstruction of larger bone defects. The complete system is designed for the primary fixation of bone graft materials and contains all the components for picking up and screwing in the truSCREW and the truTACK. The truFIX system will soon be added to the Camlog portfolio. The truFIX fixation system – the all-in-one bone fixation and membrane stabilization solution PRODUCTS