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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine Products | 31 Beveled screw neck Patented cross-slot socket for insertion tip Shaft available in three different heights (4.0, 6.0 and 8.0 mm) (Fig. 6.0 mm) Thickness of shaft 1.6 mm Self-tapping thread Tapered thread for greater strength Full form thread for maximum stability Cutting grooves for quick and easy insertion Tip for tissue penetration truSCREW Head Ø 3.0 mm (available in different diameters and lengths) truTENT Head Ø 5.0 mm (available in different shaft heights) » Centered patented self-locking connection » Precise axial alignment with every pickup » truSCREW: self-tapping screw - designed for easy insertion with maximum fixation » Patented truSCREW removal sleeve for disengaging the screw from the driver without damaging the screw head » truTACK: fixation pin with hexagonal socket and mandrel tip for piercing without pre-drilling » Easy insertion and easy screw-like removal of the truTACK Properties Titanium-Single-Butterfly-Tenting-Mesh 30 × 80 mm, 0.25 mm thick