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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine 32 | Products Implantological restoration concepts with cementless direct screw fixations have become established in recent years due to cement-induced peri-implantitis. However, they pose many a challenge, especially in the esthetic anterior region. In addition to optimal implant positioning, the placement of the screw access channel must be taken into consideration during planning. Particularly in the anterior region of the upper jaw, the longitudinal axis of the implant may come to rest on the incisal edge or even in the labial veneer surface. The titanium bases CAD/CAM free allow palatal or lingual access to the abutment screw. But it is not only in the highly esthetic area that the axis alignments can be corrected by up to 25° with the titanium bases CAD/CAM free. Also in the posterior region in cases where the surgical placement of the implants is not optimal, the challenge of an unfavorably exiting screw access channel can be solved in the superstructure. In the event of a small mouth opening, it is also possible to position the abutment such that the correction angle can be optimally utilized to be able to tighten the abutment screw from the front with the required torque (20 Ncm) using a screwdriver placed at an angle. It should be noted here that the screws of the titanium bases CAD/ CAM free require a specially configured screwdriver. These are available for manual and machine use. No more screw access channels in the visible area or undesired cemented solutions. » To ensure that the conventional direct screw-retained hybrid crown no longer poses more of a challenge than a solution, Camlog will soon be offering CAD/CAM free titanium bases for the angled screw channel for the CAMLOG and CONELOG implant systems. New: Titanium bases CAD/CAM free – flexible solution for the angled screw channel PRODUCTS » Axis correction possible up to 25° vertically and 35° horizontally (for CONELOG with 2 mm gingival height up to 15° vertically) » Anti-rotation protection for precise bonding of the ceramic crown » Optimal placement of the screw access channel » 2 channel lengths (4.7 mm and 6.5 mm) for both CAMLOG and CONELOG implants » Roughened bonding surface » One channel geometry for all implant diameters (except Ø 5.0 mm) » 1 gingival height and for each implant diameter one standard and one platform-switching version each for CAMLOG » 2 gingival heights (0.8 mm and 2.0 mm) for CONELOG implants » A new specially configured screwdriver required » Before bonding the crown to the titanium base CAD/CAM free, it is imperative to insert the abutment screw. The hybrid crown is delivered with a "trapped" screw to the practice. Product features at a glance