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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine Produkte | 33 The indications for the NovoMatrix are predominantly regarded as being in recession coverage or soft tissue thickening around teeth and implants. More recently, however, acellular dermal matrices (ADMs) have also been used as biological membranes for soft tissue management in guided bone regeneration procedures. How does the NovoMatrix perform in these procedures? The application is based on the recently conducted systematic reviews by Troeltzsch et al [1] and Troiano et al [2]. They evaluated the efficacy of augmentation materials in the reconstruction of the alveolar ridge in terms of guided bone regeneration (GBR). The barrier effect of an acellular dermal matrix of human origin (Alloderm/BioHorizons) has been demonstrated in guided bone regeneration procedures. From this, it is hypothesized that a porcine ADM will have equivalent results compared to an established collagen barrier membrane in terms of new bone formation, during a GBR procedure in conjunction with implantation [3]. What has happened to current treatment concepts with the advent of porcine matrices? The new generation of acellular dermal matrices convinces with the remarkable property of rapid and intensive absorption of growth factors. This is largely achieved by the porous and unique natural structure of the matrices together with their surface properties involved in cell recognition and binding [4]. What are the benefits of the NovoMatrix? NovoMatrix covers a broad spectrum of indications. The advantages clearly lie in their easy handling, excellent tissue integration, scar-free healing, excellent adaptation of the color and tissue structure to the natural surrounding tissue, and therapeutic safety. Which properties are decisive for therapeutic success? After application, a membrane should possess its own positional stability. The NovoMatrix, for example, perfectly meets this requirement as it adapts very well to the abutment contour. According to the latest findings, it stabilizes the graft material with additional fixation and takes on a certain barrier function. Mechanical protection of the mucoperiosteum as well as the graft material is crucial for clinical success, the latter especially in case of dehiscence. Diffusion of nutrients and vascularization must be ensured for optimal nutrition of the bone as well as incorporation of the membrane into the autologous tissue. Wound healing should be supported by the membrane. Even in the case of dehiscence, the soft tissue should heal through secondary granulation on the membrane surface. For which indications is the NovoMatrix particularly suitable? According to the current state of knowledge, the NovoMatrix can basically be used in the augmentation of attached tissue around teeth and implants, the reconstruction of the alveolar ridge for prosthetic restoration as well as in controlled tissue regeneration and for root coverage in recession defects. The NovoMatrix appears to be very versatile. Does it therefore lead to success in every situation? The NovoMatrix makes a safe surgical technique safer, but it does not make an unsafe one safe! It is therefore crucial that the basic surgical principles are adhered to, because so-called “miracle cures” do not exist in either implant dentistry or soft tissue surgery - even if this is sometimes presented as such for promotional reasons. Several variables can influence clinical outcomes. When considering patients’ quality of life, the recovery times and risks, the product must be chosen with care and the different characteristics weighed against each other. » As GBR procedures are routinely used in practice and are often combined with soft tissue augmentation, biomaterials that act as a certain barrier to new bone formation and at the same time as a scaffold for soft tissue augmentation would prove very beneficial for both patients and dentists. The logo editorial team spoke with Branislav Kostadinov, Head Biomaterials Camlog Biotechnologies Europe, about the properties and advantages of using NovoMatrix® as well as the prospects for new indication areas. NovoMatrix®, expanded range of indications in the GBR technique PRODUCTS « The NovoMatrix demonstrates excellent results in GBR procedures »