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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine Praxismanagement | 37 and appreciate the advice you give them. Trust your people skills and find out from talking to patients if they could qualify as potential referral sources. What really counts When patients visit a portal, they are usually already well advanced in their decision-making process. When it comes to the actual choice of physician, the profile pictures then take on significant importance, as the eye only differentiates between images, but not between faceless - i.e. neutral - profiles. Whether 1.0, 1.3 or 1.6 - with a good rating, the specific grade is much less important to recipients than many physicians might assume. Far more relevant are the sympathy and trust that an image radiates. In addition, a current photo is also helpful for reviewers, as it is not uncommon for namesakes or practice partners to be rated by mistake. For this reason, attention should generally be paid to having a professional and up-to-date presence in all relevant portals. Why a single communication channel is not enough Cross-media marketing refers to the use of different, but at least three, communication tools to market a product or service. The interaction of different communication instruments in the various communication channels can prove very effective. It is particularly important that the messages follow a common idea, that the communication instruments are coordinated in terms of timing, form and content, that they are chosen to suit the target group and that they fit in with the brand strategy. For example, marketing esthetic treatments and the associated target group may result in a fundamentally different media selection than when targeting new patients for implantology procedures or if the objective is to push geriatric concepts. Marketing via various communication channels increases the recall factor and makes it easier to get inside the mindset of potential patients. Integration of recommendation management First of all, one should determine which rating platforms are relevant for the practice. Generally speaking, these are Jameda and Google; however, regional platforms may also offer a certain level of reach and importance. The integration of ratings on one's own practice homepage is advisable in any case. This can be accomplished via so-called widgets - banners of the respective platforms - which give the score of the practitioner, the practice or a top-level ranking. This is a useful element for website visitors because, in addition to the practice owner's own statements, patient reviews can also be used in the decision-making process when choosing a physician. To highlight a certain unique position, widgets with practice or top-level scores should be positioned prominently on the home page. The individual scores for the physicians can then be added under the respective CVs. While this increases the reputation of the practice from the patient's point of view, these so-called linkbaits lead to an increase in the reputation of the portal site in terms of search engine optimization