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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine 40 | News involved in this research almost from the beginning, as I coordinate the study and grant applications and submit them to the OR Foundation Board for a decision on whether to support a research contract. Once the studies have been judged, the winners, young clinicians, are given the opportunity to present their projects at the congress. Sometimes this is their first time on a big stage, they are incredibly excited and not only require my advice, but rather my personal assistance. And when they have mastered their presentation, that fills me with pride. It’s a bit like the feeling when your own children started out into the big wide world. In addition, I coordinate the Research Award as well as the Poster Award - a time-consuming task, but one that is a lot of fun and expands my personal network daily. Big wide world, that’s my keyword. What will you be doing after Camlog? First of all, I will remain faithful to one thing, which is reading. No more studies or clinical papers in the future, I will dedicate my time to my hobby which is European and World History. And to deepen my knowledge of history, I will then travel to exactly these countries. I am in a literature circle with 15 other readers interested in diverse literature. Reading a book is a beautiful thing, however, you can really experience it in a circle. You get background on the author and the subject, share your own impressions, and learn the opinions of other readers. The different views on a book are very exciting and inspiring. We review newly published books once a month. To stay fit and enjoy the sometimes strenuous trips, walking and cycling are part of my daily schedule. And of course I would like to improve my golf handicap.