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With our portfolio of regenerative products, which we launched very successfully in 2017 and supplemented with well-known synthetic and xenogeneic products in January 2022, we cover virtually all conceivable material and application preferences. But which substitute material is the right one for the therapy in question? This is not so easy to answer. Additional information on the indication-specific different regeneration behavior of BioHorizons Camlog biomaterials provides an aid to decision-making. The casebook presents different options for building up deficient hard and soft tissues in which the authors, based on clinical evidence and individual preferences, have chosen what they consider to be the best therapy for the patient. The role played by regenerative biomaterials is described clearly and comprehensibly in the case documentations. The focus is on the benefits in everyday practice and the requirements for the use of the biomaterials as well as the various surgical techniques. The aim is to improve the quality of life of patients with their more or less large tooth gaps and hard and soft tissue defects and to achieve the desired clinical outcome in functional, structural and esthetic terms. In implant therapy in particular, long-term success depends on volume-stable peri-implant tissue structures to a large extent. We are very pleased to pass on the know-how accumulated in the Casebook - Defect Regeneration to you as readers and customers. Customer Service gladly welcomes your request for the free book. You can reach us at: 07044 9445-100 » Camlog's casebook, which is being published for the first time in this form, has been available since April. This is a compendium of case reports by renowned authors illustrating the many options available for hard and soft tissue regeneration - with valuable advice on surgical concepts and techniques. The therapies of the extensively documented patient cases are based on the many years of experience and expertise of our customers and authors in the fields of hard and soft tissue reconstruction, periodontology and implant dentistry. New: Defect Regeneration – a casebook NEWS Go to Casebook