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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine Cover story | 5 Following a four-year forced break, everything has now been perfectly prepared to continue in the tradition of the earlier Camlog congresses, or rather today's OR Foundation symposia. The modern atmosphere and the spatial conditions of the Infinity Hotel in Unterschleißheim create the perfect framework conditions for an optimal transfer of knowledge, exchange of experience and personal encounters. The combination of science and practice is a living philosophy at the OR Foundation. This is already reflected in the line-up of the scientific committee and is also expressed by the scientific program, which this time follows the theme of the congress "Dreams and Realities - Treatment Concepts and Trends". "The top-class scientific committee and the commitment of the internationally renowned speakers guarantee that you can expect a differentiated and groundbreaking program in Munich," is how Mariano Sanz (President OR Foundation) and Martin Schuler (Executive Director OR Foundation) summarized the event. On Friday (14 October 2022) you will have the opportunity to enjoy twelve presentations - nine of them in German and two in English: • Session 1: Timing in Implant Dentistry (Ilaria Franchini, Markus Schlee, S. Marcus Beschnidt). Moderation: Frank Schwarz. • Session 2: Treatment Concepts for Demanding Situations (Arndt Happe, Peter Randelzhofer, Anette Strunz). Moderation: Katja Nelson. • Session 3: Treatment Concepts for Elderly or Edentulous Patients (Knut A. Grötz, Sandra Maniewicz, Mario Beretta (EN)). Moderation: Luca Cordaro. • Session 4: Advances in Digital Workflow in a Team Approach (Benedikt Spies, Vygandas Rutkunas (EN), Claudio Cacaci and Uwe Gehringer). Moderation: Vincent Fehmer. The Saturday (15 October 2022) begins with short presentations on research projects supported by the Oral Reconstruction Foundation: • Session 5: Focus on Innovations (Stefan Krennmair, Sarah Al-Maawi (EN), Andres Pascual (EN), Joao Pitta (EN), Ana Molina (EN)). Moderation: Fernando Guerra. The following sessions are dedicated to tissue regeneration: • Session 6: State-of-the-art Procedural Techniques for Tissue Regeneration (Juan Blanco (EN), Katja Nelson). • Session 7: Management of Soft and Hard Tissue (Michael Stimmelmayr, Andreas van Orten, Jan Klenke). Moderation: Sönke Harder. The final highlight of the symposium will be three case presentations discussed by an international panel of experts (Kerem Dedeoglu, Tobias Fretwurst, Gerald Krennmair, Jörg-Martin Ruppin, Rémy Tanimura): • Session 8: Solutions for Demanding Situations (Ramon Gomez-Meda, Frederic Hermann, Duygu Karasan). Moderation: Gerhard Iglhaut, Mariano Sanz. Kick-off: Workshops The symposium will kick off on Thursday (13 October 2022) with 17 workshops covering a wide variety of topics in the field of oral reconstruction; one workshop will be dedicated to the topic of personality development and one will focus in depth on patient communication. Ten workshops will be offered in German, seven in English. The technical and scientific workshops will focus on soft tissue management, augmentation techniques, » The Oral Reconstruction (OR) Foundation invites you to its International Symposium in Munich, Germany, October 13-15, 2022. After the inaugural OR Foundation Global Symposium in Rotterdam in 2018, Camlog, being a Founding Sponsor of the OR Foundation, is now truly looking forward to the big "family" reunion in the cosmopolitan city with a heart. «The top-class scientific committee and the commitment of the internationally renowned speakers guarantee that you can expect a differentiated and groundbreaking program in Munich.» COVER STORY Big reunion in Munich