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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine 6 | Cover story The OR Foundation International Symposium in Munich promises to be a first-class event. implant dentistry (immediate implantation and immediate restoration, COMFOUR) and implant prosthetics in the digital workflow. With workshops starting in the morning, there are also eleven workshops held during the afternoon and also three full day workshops throughout the day. Hands-on or practical exercises are compulsory in most cases to achieve the learning objectives. Take advantage of the opportunity to specifically explore one of the many topics in depth during the symposium and discuss it with our experts. The course fees are priced reasonably at EUR 190 (half day) and EUR 350 (full day). A format in its own right: THE 7TH CAMLOG DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS And there is more to come, because on Saturday (15 October 2022), the 7th CAMLOG DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS will be held in parallel with the scientific program. This gives dental technology and thus the team concept in reconstructive dentistry a platform of its own. Since it was first held in 2009 (also in Munich, by the way), the CAMLOG DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS has built up an excellent reputation in the world of dental technology and well beyond. It stands for the team approach in implant dentistry and dental prosthodontics and provides a clear focus on both dental technology and on establishing the link between dentistry and oral surgery with an appropriate program. The 7th CAMLOG DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS will be hosted by Dr. Martin Gollner and MDT Otto Prandtner. The program will be opened by DT Oliver Brix. This will be followed by three team presentations: firstly, Dr. Monika Bjelopavlovic, Dr. Maximilian Blume and MDT Alexander Müller; secondly, MDT Sebastian Schuldes and Dr. Alexander Volkmann; and thirdly, Dr. Benedikt Schebiella and MDT Bastian Wagner. After the lunch break, the auditorium can look forward to a talk session or panel discussion with all team speakers on the topic: "Cooperation at eye level - what are the mutual expectations?" MDT Ilka Johannemann and DT Andreas Nolte will round off the discussion. The professional program reflects the current challenges in prosthetic dentistry. In addition to a high professional standard, the organizers also attach great importance to ensuring that the personal character of the speakers is not neglected - after all, in addition to the scientific "hard facts" based on materials science, biology and anatomy, dental technology is also very much about the individuality of the patients and their encounter with a service-oriented and empathetic treatment team. Joint Bavarian Night The supporting program of the OR Foundation Symposium and the 7th CAMLOG DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS will have its highlight on Friday evening in the legendary event location "Paulaner am Nockherberg". Experience an unforgettable "Bavarian Night" and celebrate the reunion of the "family" with us in the traditional style - quite deliberately a contrast to the otherwise modern setting of the symposium. And of course, this will be accompanied by one or two surprises. We look forward to welcoming you!