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logo 49 | The Camlog Partner Magazine Cover story | 7 A few quick questions Dr. Martin Schuler took over from Dr. Alex Schär as Executive Director of the OR Foundation at the beginning of 2022. A good reason to ask him a few questions about this as well as the upcoming OR Foundation International Symposium. Dr. Schuler, you've been in office as Executive Director for over six moths now, you must feel at home at the OR Foundation by now ... That's right, I feel at home again in the dental world. Having worked in the dental sector between 20072015, it was like returning home for me. But the environment is so dynamic that every day presents new and exciting challenges and permanent development is crucial. What kept you most busy early on? As a new Board of Trustees was also elected in November 2021, I was mostly busy setting up the new organization and structures as well as getting to know as many of the stakeholders as possible. Bumping into a lot of familiar people was also very helpful for sure. What's your main task at the moment? Together with the Board, we're currently defining the OR Foundation strategy for the next five years. On the operational side of things, our team is already pulling out all the stops organizing our Global Symposium in Rome next May. What's more, we're creating several new formats for continuing education and hope to be able to report more on this in the coming months. Certainly the biggest challenge is to perform all these tasks most efficiently with our small team. Where are you looking to make the most impact for the OR Foundation? Thanks to my predecessor and the former Foundation Board members, the OR Foundation is very well positioned and enjoys an excellent reputation. My goal is now to make the OR Foundation better known globally, to offer more content and work together digitally, and to create new and innovative concepts in continuing education, as well as in research, in close collaboration with our KOLs and our Founding Sponsor. Not least, we strive to be a valuable and reliable partner for the OR Foundation Community. What are your personal expectations for the OR Foundation Symposium in Munich? At long last, we are able to host an international symposium in Europe again. That's why we're all working flat out on this project with heart and soul. We're looking forward to an exciting and interesting scientific program and plenty of workshops. The Dental Technology Congress will also be held at the same time. So, there'll be something for everyone and I'm really looking forward to this flagship event this fall and hope for a lot of participants! Many thanks for your time, Dr. Schuler. For more information and registration at Dr. Martin Schuler Executive Director Oral Reconstruction Foundation