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logo 50 | the Camlog Partner Magazine logo 50 | the Camlog Partner Magazine 30 | b.aware b.aware | 31 In Kooperation mit: The Camlog Sustainability Initiative On the journey to becoming a climate-neutral company With every promotional offer sold, Alltec Dental donated a tree to the Piber stud farm. In just eight months, this resulted in 214 trees - wonderful old fruit varieties and cultural trees - that were planted in the meadows and avenues of the stud farm. A really big thank you to all the tree sponsors who, together with the company, had taken responsibility in protecting the climate. With the tree donation and the reforestation project, each individual "tree sponsor" made their contribution to climate protection. The planted trees are already so large that they can absorb CO2 from the air right from the first year and use it as an energy supplier for their roots, leaves and needles. Owing to its natural function, a large tree converts approximately 22 kilograms of CO2 into oxygen annually through photosynthesis. The trees' transpiration cooling as well as providing shade also play an important role in improving the climate. In simple terms: trees make our lives healthier. "The team is the star" - a quote by Berti Vogts, the former coach of the German national soccer team, who early on recognized the dynamic value of team spirit in a functioning team. B.AWARE Go to environmental statement "We are, of course, aware that our trees are a mere drop in the ocean as far as the Austrian ecosystem is concerned, but we still take pleasure in every tree we plant. The harvested apples and chestnuts would be great for our office, but it's a bit of a long haul from Styria to Vorarlberg," adds Astrid Hechenberger. We live our values and look forward every day to continue our active influence. Good deeds are still better than good thoughts. « A big thank you to every tree sponsors. » Tree sponsors take responsibility for climate protection in the region B.AWARE » The Alltec Dental tree-planting campaign - sponsoring old tree species for the Lippizaner stud farm in Piber - was welcomed with open arms by both customers and employees alike. Many customers felt the need to do something responsible for the environment in the region. With this in mind I am pleased that together we have been able to make a valuable contribution to climate protection," says Pierre Rauscher. After the campaign took off, everything went like clockwork and every month the Lippizaner stud farm in Piber was notified of an impressive number of trees which could be planted there starting in the fall. The planting campaign also worked because everyone felt they had been addressed and » Public and personal awareness of environmental relevant issues and sustainable management is increasing all the time. Resource-saving manufacturing has meanwhile advanced to become a core issue for the industry. This can be witnessed not only by the countless events and training courses on environment-friendly production, but also by the commitment of many companies. In 2022, the "Earth Overshoot Day" on July 28th. This is the day when mankind has "used up" the natural resources available on Earth, which were regenerated within one year. This Earth Overshoot Day not only urges politicians, but also everyone in the world to do something to protect the climate and resources. The Camlog Group bundles all activities relating to the three aspects of sustainability under the b.aware initiative: social, economic and ecological. Based on our conviction and motivation to offer you as well as your patients the best and most sustainable products or services, we have set ambitious goals which will help us become a pioneer in our industry as a climate-friendly company. Our sustainability strategy b.aware and the resulting work are based on the six central UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 9, SDG 12, SDG 13 and SDG 17. Some facts about the Wimsheim site: » Uses 100 percent green electricity » Only uses LED lamps » Suppliers are selected according to economic and, above all, also ecological criteria » Reduction of paper resp. printing on predominantly 100 percent recycled, FSC-certified paper » Online services are being promoted » Promoting health and motivation to reduce fuel consumption by offering job bicycles » Reforestation initiatives in the region (7,000 trees have been planted since 2021, of which around 2,000 trees with the help of our customers) Top award for sustainable production Sustainable production has always been a top priority for ALTATEC GmbH, the manufacturer of Camlog products, for many years. Since March 2019, the company with its two sites in Wimsheim and Tübingen has been certified according to ISO 14001. Furthermore, Altatec is validated according to EMAS. EMAS stands for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and is considered to be the premium standard among European environmental management systems. In this system, Altatec commits itself to continuously improving its environmental performance and reports this to the public in an environmental declaration. Legal compliance also verifies that the company complies with applicable environmental laws and obligations. What is planned? Camlog is also aiming for EMAS certification in Germany in 2023. To meet these high audit requirements, numerous measures have been implemented and processes optimized in recent years so that certification can proceed. Altatec's current extension, which is scheduled to start in spring 2022, is aiming for the gold certificate of the German Association for Sustainable Building (DGNB). The DGNB certification system is considered the most advanced in the world and is recognized as an international benchmark for sustainability in building. In this process, the overall concept of the building structure is evaluated in line with various criteria. In addition to the economic, technical, process and location-oriented characteristics, the environmental characteristics as well as the socio-cultural and functional aspects are also taken into account. In other words, in addition to properties such as the use of resources, biodiversity or the ecological balance of the building, health, comfort, user-friendliness and functional aspects of the building are also assessed.