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logo 50 | the Camlog Partner Magazine logo 50 | the Camlog Partner Magazine 50 | Events Events | 51 veranstaltungen The CAMLOG BUSINESS CLUB – further education with a "network“ » With its focus on "Human Resources and Employee Management", the CAMLOG BUSINESS CLUB has truly struck a nerve, welcoming over 250 participants in six cities so far. The series of events led by speakers Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici, Dr. Michael Kann and Dr. Stefan Helka is devoted in depth to the topics of the labor market, corporate strategy and culture, human resources development as well as the challenge of recruiting personnel. EVENTS What can you expect? As the former Managing Director of CAMLOG Vertriebs GmbH, Michael Ludwig knows the challenges in the dental market and has developed a flair for focusing on the right topics. In his presentation, he addresses the changes in the framework conditions of the labor market and outlines the changing expectations that you, as an employer, will face. He explains honestly and authentically how important leadership culture really is. Why good staff is more valuable than ever before, how companies need to adapt to the generation change to "GenZ" and what this implies for a dental practice, is backed by Christian Henrici's many years of experience in the dental industry. He clears up any uncertainties surrounding employee surveys and outlines how they can be used to increase employee satisfaction. Dr. Michael Kann reports directly from the everyday practice routine. He presented his very personal concept for success, which challenges he faces every Good news! You would like to be a part of it? Due to high demand, the CAMLOG BUSINESS CLUB on the topic of "Human Resources and Employee Management" will be continued and will make stops in five more cities. 2023-09-08 in Essen Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici and Dr. Michael Kann 2023-09-15 in Hamburg Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici and Dr. Stefan Helka 2023-10-06 in Hanover Christian Henrici and Dr. Stefan Helka 2023-11-10 in Chemnitz Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici and Dr. Stefan Helka 2023-11-17 in Freiburg Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici and Dr. Michael Kann 2023-11-24 in Ingolstadt Michael Ludwig, Christian Henrici and Dr. Michael Kann Michael Ludwig Christian Henrici Dr. Stefan Helka day as a practitioner and entrepreneur, and how he tackles them with his team. He speaks openly about how he finds and retains good staff - but also about inevitable separations and how to master them. Dr. Stefan Helka likes to break new ground when it comes to recruiting and motivating employees. He took over his mother's dental practice eight years ago - then with five employees, now with sixty. He would like to share with you how he achieved this, how he encourages and develops his team further, and how he thinks outside the famous box. There is plenty of time left for networking afterwards. All open questions can be answered at the exclusive dinner with colleagues, speakers as well as one of Camlog's managing directors. The joint exchange is a valuable complement to the presentations and a successful finale on the Friday evening.